After releasing its “Happy Birthdé” in the spring, a best of live celebrating 12 great years of existence criss-crossing stages around the world, the most international and funniest of French trios is already back in the fall! Colorful, cinematic as possible, with Sun Monkey Voltage, RP3 remains faithful to its own tradition and offers us a new repertoire that is mastered, generous, feel-good and groove to perfection… all this at the same time and without forgetting the arrival of a little news: the electric bass, which comes to offer a freshness and a little rock touch more than welcome to the trio’s signature sound.

Sun Monkey Voltage RP3

Sun , for the joy of playing together, of reinventing oneself again, of discovering more and more of the world.
Monkey, for the playfulness dear to the trio, its resolutely limitless creativity, and the complicity of these three friends whose live pleasure is contagious.
Voltage, for the electric turn of this seventh album. The trio moves away from its traditional influences and its sound identity inspired by the Bad Plus, E.S.T., Avishai Cohen and other great trios that have redesigned the exercise of the piano / double bass / drums formula. And the fact that Maxime Delporte swapped his double bass for a Fender Jazz bass certainly has something to do with it. Here, the band makes us alternately eyeing Vulfpeck (“Wisteria Forever”) or Rage Against the Machine (“Paino”). From a nod to eighties atmospheres, to the fever of Stax Records, we get shaken up and it’s intoxicating. Then, without warning, the trio envelops us in a skin-deep sensitivity with “Purple Soul”, makes us hover above “L’Horizon des Evénements”, before sending us dancing disco funk in space on “Gogolplex”.
If their latest studio album In Odd We Trust had conquered the press and the public by exploding all the counters of streaming platforms, we bet that it will be the same for the new extraterrestrial opus of this extraordinary trio.

After 12 years of friendship and music around the world, the Remi Panossian Trio hasn’t finished surprising us, the proof with these new rock and funk influences that bring energy to this 7th album!

Press :

FIP, TSF Jazz, France musique, France info, France Inter, les Inrocks, Citizen Jazz, Jazz Magazine, Culture Jazz, Couleur Jazz …

Stage :

Tokyo Jazz Festival (Japon), Montréal Jazz Festival (Canada), Jarasum Jazz Festival (Corée), Taichung Jazz Festival (Taiwan), Vancouver Jazz Festival (Canada), Enjoy Jazz Festival (Allemagne), Mexico Euro Jazz Festival (Mexique), Vladivostok Jazz Festival (Russie), Ystad jazz festival (Suède), Haugesund jazz Festival (Norvege), Ankara Jazz festival (Turquie), Nisville jazz festival (Serbie), Nanjing jazz festival (Chine), Liege jazz festival (Belgique), Lagoa jazz Festival (Portugal), Moods Zurich (Suisse), Caracas jazz festival (Venezuela), Montevideo jazz festival (Uruguay ), Sao Paolo jazz festival ( Brazil), Jazz Sur Son 31, Jazz À Sète, Jazz In Marciac, Nancy Jazz Pulsation, Jazz sous les Pommiers (France), …